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Welcome to the world of armwrestling

Armbet is an armwrestling app enabling you to find partners to team up and grip up with. Many more features coming soon.

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Find armwrestlers in your area or region of interest. Change the criteria to find your perfect partner.


Message and chat with others to set up activities or just hangout.

Train and compete

Meet up to train and compete together.

Becoming a member

Once you create a profile you will join the armwrestling community. You will be able to find others using our map, message them, meet up, train and compete together. You will also benefit from all future features that are coming soon. This is just the beginning, have a look below to find out what is coming next.

Find and create events, join the ranks!

Soon you will be able to find events around you and even create your own. A complete ranking system for all the arm wrestlers is planned too! And we won't stop there...

Armbet's goal is to help grow our sport and just make the armwrestling experience more fun. Armbet will be your guide from which you unlock your armwrestling journey. Beginner to veteran - the home of armwrestling.

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Enter into the world of armwrestling. The most ancient and accessible sport.